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Valery in GreenPea

Since many years Valery has the goal of purchasing fabrics and accessories with a low environmental impact, collaborating only with suppliers who offer raw materials in full compliance with sustainability.

Fashion collections are proposed with Green and eco-friendly products, supporting the principle according to which ” Together we will make the Good Behavior Cool “.

Valery and Valery Prestige brands have been selected and now are proposed by GreenPea, the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect. It represents the place where sustainable products- created in harmony with Earth, Air, Water and People – are not a duty, but become a beauty.

Do you desire to discover our collections? Download the Lookbook and click  here in order to see the products of our Online Shop .

For any info: sales@valerylingerie.it ; Customer care: +39 0172/561411 .

Valery S.p.A., azienda italiana di abbigliamento intimo e mare, propone diverse linee ispirate ad ogni tipo di personalità.
Sommariva del Bosco CN
Via Torino, 189
Tel: +39 0172 561411


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